Monday, December 20, 2010

A thought on HDR and an Announcement

I am not a fan of HDR at all and feel that, generally speaking, it was originally devised as a solution for the lack of dynamic range available in digital imaging as opposed to film. I think this photograph made under ordinary circumstances, albeit at the right time of day, demonstrates that HDR isn't really necessary unless you're really going for an otherworldly effect or to highlight a particular portion of the image, which is of course what some people use it for though I tend to think that many people do not use it for that purpose.
London Natural History Museum Original Image
It's easy to see the tonal range of an image if you can look at it in black and white. The more tonal values of gray you can identify between black and white (up to 30), the greater the tonal range of your photograph. I'm pleased with this image because I captured a large tonal scale without losing details in the white or getting a milky black.
London Natural History Museum B&W version

The announcement I wanted to make, for those of you who still visit (and I can't say enough how much I appreciate that you do since I haven't been here for months), is that I'm currently working on a complete redesign of the site, which will be relocated to a different address when ready. I'm very excited to be doing this with the very talented Peter Bagi, and can't wait for it to be ready. It may take a while and it will end up being a completely new start, since the site will be more than a blog in many ways, but I think it's worth the work and the wait.

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