Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Shall Return... Date Cake - Gâteau aux Dattes

Hello hello, I have not fallen off the face of the earth, I got married, which is pretty much the same thing for most people, but not for me oh no. There was just a very dynamic set of events leading up to it and following it, along with a definite measure of uncertainty as to whether it was actually going to happen all the way until a couple of days before it did happen...(I'd tell you all about it, but really, you don't want to know). But it's all done now, and I have eighty million new things to deal with at the moment, still between continents, countries, houses, etc... but I wanted to come back here -my little interwebs home- and say hello, and tell you all that I miss you and that I miss baking (and cooking too, but really I'm just a closet baker, and luckily for me, A. aka the hubby, loves to cook every day, and even more luckily, is a really good cook) and to let you know that I will be around a little more from now on, at least I hope, in between every other thing.

For now I'll just leave you with this date cake recipe because I love dates, and I love cake, and this is actually a very light cake because it's basically a yogurt cake with dates and a honey coulis. It's gone pretty quickly every time I make it because it feels totally guilt-free.

Françaises, Français -Cette recette est une fiche-cuisine de ELLE (numéro 3193), honteusement arrachée dans la salle d'attente du médecin, mais je n'ai aucun remords... (Titre de la fiche - biscuit dattes et sésame, coulis de miel).

Pour le Gateau/For the Cake:
- 100g de dattes moelleuse/ 3.5oz fresh dates
Les dattes peuvent être remplacées par des cranberries ou des raisins secs / cranberries or raisins can be substituted for the dates
- 3 oeufs / 3 eggs
- 150g de sucre semoule / 3/4 cup sugar
- 1 yaourt au lais de brebis / 1 ewe's milk yogurt (or whatever you want to use)
- 200g de farine / 1 2/3 cup flour
- 1 sachet de levure chimique / 1 packet baking powder (usually this is 11g in France meaning it would be just a little less than 2 1/2 tsp or just over 3/4 tbsp)
- 2 cuillerées à soupe de graines de sésame noir et blanc / 2 tbsp black and white sesame seeds
- 4 cuillerées à soupe d'huile d'olive peu fruitée / 4 tbsp lightly flavored olive oil

Pour le Coulis/For the Coulis:
- 100g de miel / 1/3 cup honey
- 5cl de jus de citron / 3 1/2 tbsp lemon juice
- 5cl d'eau / 3 1/2 tbsp water
- 1 cuillerée à soupe de graines de sésame doré / 1 tbsp golden sesame seeds

1. Allumez le four à 175°C (th. 5). Beurrez un moule à manqué de 22cm de diamètre. Dénoyautez les dattes et coupez-les en petits morceaux.
Turn the oven on to 350°F. Butter a 9-inch cake pan. Remove the pits from the dates and chop the dates into little pieces.
2. Cassez les oeufs dans une terrine et ajoutez le sucre. Battez rapidement au fouet à main afin que le mélange blanchisse. Ajoutez l'huile et le yaourt, sans cessez de fouetter.
Break the eggs into a bowl and add the sugar. Beat quickly with a hand beater so that the batter whitens and thickens. Add the olive oil and the yogurt while beating.
3. Tamisez la farine et la levure au-dessus de la terrine. Mélangez, puis ajouter les dattes et les graines de sésame noir et blanc.
Sift the flour and baking powder into the batter. Mix together, then add the dates and the black and white sesame seeds.
4. Versez la préparation dans le moule. Glissez au four et laissez cuire 30-35mn, jusqu'à ce que le biscuit soit blond.
Pour the batter into the pan. Put in the oven and let bake for 30-35mn, until the cake is golden.
5. Préparez le coulis: versez le miel dans une casserole, laissez-le légèrement caraméliser, puis ajoutez le jus de citron et autant d'eau. Mélangez et ajoutez les graines de sésame doré.
Prepare the coulis: pour the honey into a small saucepan, let it slightly caramelize, then add the lemon juice and the water. Mix together and add the golden sesame seeds.
6. Laissez reposer le biscuit 5mn, puis démoulez-le. Servez-le tiède ou froid, nappé de coulis.
Let the cake rest for 5mn out of the oven, then unmold it. Serve lukewarm or cold, drizzled with coulis.

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marion said...

ah mais tu m'avais caché que A the Hubby était bon cuisinier :)
Ca fait du bien de te relire, j'attends avec impatience le prochain défi des Daring Bakers pour voir ta réalisation !
La sorbetière fonctionne à merveille, je turbine (ou plutôt ELLE turbine) à tout va :))))

Haley said...

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KI Blogger

Nangil Girl said...

The cake looks good!!

Rachel said...

Looks great!

Wanna B Thin 2 said...

Looking forward to trying this!

Heather said...

That cake sounds excellent.

Jeanne said...

Sounds chaotic - but the cake looks like it could brighten any day :)

Kat said...

Busy time!

Sari said...

I've never had cake with dates. Looks yummy.

Ted said...

Leaving a comment for Haiti.

Anonymous said...

comment comment. thanks for the good work.

Kerrin @ said...

you too, a date lover ? ok, now i am even more convinced that we were meant to be great friends. oh and that i was also persian in my past life, as we just disclosed on twitter. seriously though, i have about a half a dozen medjool dates from california or israel every day. yup every day. LOVE them. just plain out of hand. or in yogurt, or with dark chocolate, or why not -opsla- in some coffee ice cream... really, i should stop.

love 'em even more than chocolate. see, told ya.

oh, and i most probably have this fiche-cuisine from ELLE in my baking accordion folder... filed under "dates" of course.

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